Breasley Valuepac pillow


Standard size memory foam pillow.

Very comfortable.

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Breasley Valuepac pillow

The Breasley Valuepac pillow is made from memory foam and doesn’t compromise on quality. It offers excellent comfort and support. This pillow is great value for money.

Breasley are well known for their memory foam mattresses but their expertise doesn’t stop there. You can get the most comfortable night’s sleep with Breasley memory foam pillows!

The memory foam moulds to the curve of your head and neck and perfectly supports you in your natural sleeping position. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go! During the day the memory foam returns to its original shape ready to begin it’s job again later.

* It’s designed to work with any mattress to help keep your spine correctly aligned.
* This pillow fits all standard pillow cases.
* It’s memory responsive foam always contours to your individual shape.
* This pillow is anti-allergenic and dust-mite resistant.

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