Kayflex Natural Touch mattress


  • 5 mm Visco memory foam.
  • 15 mm Reflex foam.
  • Soft feel Aloe Vera treated cover.
  • Removable cover.

Delivery: Vacuum packed. Allow 2 – 3 hours for mattress to expand.


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Kayflex Natural Touch mattress

The Kayflex Natural Touch mattress is made from 150mm of reflex foam with a 50mm layer of visco memory foam on top. It has a soft to touch removable, quilted fabric cover that is treated with Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera emollient has long been valued for its healing benefits. It aids the regeneration of new skin, improves breathing and provides a better, fresher and cleaner night’s sleep.

Scientific studies have shown that when applied as a fabric treatment, Aloe Vera has a positive balancing effect on the quality of your sleep and well being.

Its 50mm layer of visco elastic memory foam is temperature sensitive and specifically designed to soften when it comes into contact with warm surfaces, such as your body heat.

It moulds itself to your body shape and reduces pressure points by evenly distributing your body weight. This results in better blood circulation and reduces tossing and turning.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers or asthmatics due to their high level of antimicrobial and dust-mite resistance.

Below the visco memory foam layer is a deep 150mm layer of reflex foam block. This creates a solid foundation and offers additional support.


FREE delivery on UK mainland in two to three days.

For ease of delivery, the Kayflex Natural Touch mattress is delivered, vacuum packed in a roll. It is an ideal option where access is limited and perfect for converted loft rooms. It takes a few minutes to reach about 95% of its full shape, then a few more hours to fill its shape completely. Please unwrap within 2 months of delivery.

Manufactured in the UK by Kayflex.

Firmness: Medium.

Note: This mattress is supplied vacuum packed, in a roll for ease of delivery. Once you remove the packaging it takes a few minutes to reach about 95% of its full shape, then a few more hours to fill its shape completely.

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